Bootleggers in Phoenix, AZ


3375 E. Shea Blvd., Phoenix, AZ 85028

Ordered: Bootlegger Burger

Rating: A+

Bootlegger BurgerWhenever Whitney and I go on vacation we consider the food to be about 50% of the experience. Before we go we research new foods that are rare to us but common to the place we are visiting and of course I’m always looking a the best burgers no matter where I am. This food-obsessed ritual served us well when we recently travelled to Arizona to visit friends. We did a lot, of which I will expand upon in later posts, but most importantly we had some tasty burgers. One nice thing about writing a burger blog is that most of the time people respect your restaurant recommendations. Bootlegger BurgerWhich is actually kind of scary for me because I don’t re-visit many of the burger places I try very often which means when I choose a place to go it’s a new experience for me as well as for everyone else who put their confidence in my decision. It shouldn’t bother me so much but I worry that my recommendation my end in a bad experience for my friends who trusted me. But that was not the case when I convinced everyone that we should try Bootleggers, not at all. That burger was gooooooood!

Bootleggers is a BBQ joint in Phoenix that specializes in slow cooked BBQ meat with the only exception being their burger. They only offer one type of burger, the Bootlegger Burger which has a thick 1/2 pould patty topped with lots of Munster cheese, carmelized whiskey onions, mushrooms, and 1/4 inch thick slab of the most deliciously smokey bacon you have ever tried in your life, and then to top it off it’s all served in a pretzel bun. They bring it to your table spiked to a rough wooden board with a steak knife and with homemade potato chips. That’s man food right there.

Bootlegger BurgerIn short, I loved it, I mean just look at the rating I gave it: A+. But the longer story is that these flavors did that thing that good burgers do, each component complimented the next to make a sweet, zesty, as well as savory burger making a conbined flavor that made my eyes roll with pleasure. I’m sure that I started annoying my eating companions because every bit was followed with me saying something like “Mmmmm!” or “Damn this burger is good” or “I’ve finally found you”. I loved that burger and writing about it makes me sad because I know it is hundreds of miles away and who knows when I’ll be in Phoenix next.

There is nothing better than trying a new place to eat and being pleasantly surprised by it. I recommend that you try it sometime and let me know how it goes for you.


Author: Sam

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