Hub and Spoke Diner

Hub and Spoke Diner

1100 E. 1300 S. Salt Lake City, UT

Ordered: Wood Grilled Hub Burger


My very favorite burger places to visit are the old diners that look like you need to take a toothbrush to the never-swept tiles in the corners, where the waitress calls you “Hon” and the music is all pre-1990’s. However, every once in a while you find a place, a hipster-ish kind of place that makes a damn good burger.  Hipster places often make me feel uncomfortable and sometimes judged. I will admit that was my primary feeling when I entered Hub and Spoke Diner but it was short lived, very short lived. Not only was the staff very competent, pleasant, and non-judgy, the food was amazing.

Hub and Spoke Burger

Seriously, so good! I have often preached that burgers don’t need to be “fixed”. I roll my eyes at these places that try so hard to be creative yet their burgers end up being no fun to eat. However, Hub and spoke found a way to do some very subtle tweaks to their burger and fries that made my eyes roll back in my head.

First, they of course have fresh and high quality ingredients, then each component on the burger has its own specific taste and each adds to the dish. All of that alone would make a great burger but then their homemade mayo, ahem I mean “aioli” makes the burger stand above the rest. Rarely would I ever recommend gray mayonnaise to people but this is the exception. The mayo is actually a smoked onion aioli which I could have eaten like soup. so so so good!

Hub and Spoke Burger and Fries

But wait there’s more! I can now honestly say that Hub and Spoke makes THE best fries I have ever had in my life. In my life! If you go there and decide you just aren’t in the mood for a burger and say you order the flapjacks (so good), or pie (also very good) you should also order the fries on the side. I mean it, they have perfected the freedom fry. They snap as they should, and they crunch as they should and they are almost black from being fried so long. I’m pretty sure they invented those fries just for me. I’ve been asking for them for years and finally I’ve found them. I was honestly on the fence on whether I would rate their burger as a A or an A+ but the fries did it for me, and they’re the reason I finally decided to give them an A+. So get up, Go, eat, and be delighted.


Author: Sam

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