Main Street Cafe

Main Street Cafe OutsideMain Street Cafe

138 S. Main St., Hurricane, Utah

Ordered: The Skully Burger

Rating: B+

Why would one travel to the desert town of Hurricane, Utah? (by the way, it’s pronounced Herr-eh-Cunn for no apparent reason. Trust me, they’ll look at you funny if you pronounce Hurricane, you know. . . the RIGHT way) Really, there isn’t a good reason to visit unless you’re on your way to Lake Powell or Zions National Park, but that’s only as a drive-by on your way to more exciting destinations. Is there ANY reason one would spend any measurable amount of time in Hurricane? Honestly, not really, unless you want a very good burger at Main Street Cafe. Main Street Cafe BurgerIf you’re having trouble finding the restaurant, just find Main street. It’s not hard to find there are only two major streets in town and Main street is the shortest of the two, so you literally can’t miss it.

Main Street Cafe GrillIt’s a very ‘cute’ restaurant, but what I noticed first when I walked in was that it didn’t smell like any burger joint I’ve ever smelled. There was an evident lack of oil odor or anything that even hinted that burgers were made under the roof. The reason: they do not serve freedom fries and all their burgers are cooked on their outside grill. Mystery solved. One thing is certain, they are not afraid to go against the grain at Main Street Cafe. I mean, come on, outside grill and no fries? What a bunch of crazies right?

Main Street Cafe BurgerI admit, it took me several minutes to wrap my head around the fact that my burger would not be served alone, without fries. . . Can you even imagine such a crime? Well don’t be too worried, Main Street Cafe is famous for their homemade salsa fresca which is served, of course, with tortilla chips.  But let’s be clear, I don’t entirely forgive them for not serving fries, because they’re aren’t that difficult to make. However, their delicious salsa, though not an adequate replacement, did lessen the blow.

Main Street Cafe Grilled CheeseSome work buddies of mine came with me on this adventure and one of them, the first to order, ordered their BIG burger special of the day. So me, not to be outdone, also ordered the big “Skully Burger” to prove my manliness. As a rule I generally try not to put jalepenos on my burgers but this particular burger had jalepenos on it, as well as mushrooms onions and cheese. It was surprisingly good. My wife ordered a grilled cheese and they delivered on that one as well. I mean look at all that cheese! Bravo guys. And now I’d like to be the first to Congratulate all of you, because now you all  have a reason to go to Hurricane, Utah.  This is a big day for you.

The food, especially the burger, was delicious and I was very impressed. Delicious juicy meat and great fresh  ingredients, what more could you ask for.? Oh yeah, fries. . . I could ask for fries.

Author: Sam

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  1. It’s pronouced Hurkin so it rhymes with La Verkin.

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    • Nah… Hurr-uhh-kin.

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