Millcreek Grill and Bar

Millcreek Grill and Bar

2020 E 3300 S SLC, UT

Ordered: Bacon Blue Cheeseburger

Rating: B-

Firstly, sorry for not writing in such a long time. I could go on and on about all the reasons why I seem to have been absent in the last few weeks but between a very successful comic con and so many other things. . . Well, let’s just say life went and got crazy on me. But now I’m back! Thank you so much loyal readers, I haven’t abandoned you I swear.

I usually tend to have a burger place in mind and at least have a general plan of what I’ll order, but this particular week I didn’t have any place in mind. What does one do at a time like this? Yelp, one yelps. While scanning through burger results on yelp I came across a newly opened grill that was right across the street from my favorite comic book store as a kid, Dr. Volts. And since my last post was about my comic con costume I decided that Millcreek Grill and Bar would be more than appropriate.

Millcreek Grill and Bar is full of wood panels and beams and has a kind of wood cabin tavern fee. Very cool vibe, though for some reason the location seems strange to me. I honestly can’t put my finger on it completely but something about the location just feels odd. I wish I could explain it, maybe it’s nothing so take that with a grain of salt.

Millcreek Grill and Bar Bacon Blue cheese Buger

I could tell the servers were a bit frazzled, which was more than understandable being as it was their grand opening and all. As such I didn’t hold their frazzle-ness against them at all. Everyone was very nice and, like I said, the vibe was great. We even happened to visit when they had live music. Nothing like some Bluegrass music to go with your burger. All those things are great, but I’m there for the burgers. I ordered the Blue cheese bacon burger and my wife can’t not order anything with the words ‘mac and cheese’ in its description so just guess which burger is her’s.

Millcreek Grill and Bar Mac and cheese Buger

The burgers are beautiful, just look at them, THOSE are pretty burgers. However, they were unforgivably dry. Which really is such a shame. I mean, just look at the burger. All the components seem to be so well thought out. Yet, it was dry. That being said, the burger was fine, I mean I didn’t spit it out or anything. I really wanted to give them a better review but in the end a dry burger is no fun to eat. These guys are so close and I am willing to try them again in the hopes that they still hadn’t worked all the kinks out of the system. After all, every new restaurant has them and has to adjust accordingly. I could taste the potential, they were so close to serving a truly great product. Please, try them and then report back to me. Prove me wrong please!


Author: Sam

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