7760 Highway 36, Stockton UT

Ordered: Blue Explosion

Rating: A

Penny's burger

If you don’t mind a little bit of traveling to get an amazing burger, then Penny’s should shoot to the top of your list. That is unless you live in Stockton, Utah. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say you don’t live in Stockton, because almost no one does. Actually, Penny’s isn’t even in Stockton, I mean technically it is but it’s actually located on the highway out of town between Stockton and Dugway. (Yeah I know, just Google it.) This place really is in the middle of nowhere and unless you know a little bit of history its location will be a bit of a head-scratcher. Why build a restaurant in the middle of a desert in the middle of a low traffic highway? Well, from what I heard there used to be factory or a mine or something real near that location and the workers used to frequent the only restaurant nearby, Penny’s. The factory closed down years ago, but Penny’s stayed put and loyal patrons are still keeping them in business today. It’s a good thing too because Penny’s makes a damn good burger.

However, my day did not start at Penny’s is started a couple miles up the road at a gun range where my wife and I and another couple got some good shooting practice in. That’s what Tooele county is good for after all, good old hill billy fun. A couple hours, a few hundred rounds, and two boxes of skeet later we were craving hefty amounts of man-food. How convenient that just a couple miles away was just that place to satisfy that craving.

Penny's penny counter top

Penny’s has a very simple yet rustic theme: pennies. Every wall and counter top is adorned with copper and/or pennies of some kind, It’s quaint. Three of the four of us ordered the Blue Explosion burger which should tell you something about the burger. A soft Kaiser bun with a half pound patty, thick sliced ham, thick sliced bacon, and a creamy blue cheese dressing. It was very very good. I could not have thought of a better end to my morning of target practice. Their fries were fresh cut and also very good. My wife ordered her burger with tater-tots because she’s 5 years old at heart and if you can get past all the grease they soak up, they’re pretty good as well.

I liked this burger so much that I implore you, nay, I order you to take a little road trip out of your way and give them your business. You will not be disappointed.


Author: Sam

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