Poplar Street Pub

Poplar Street Pub

242 S. 200 W.  SLC, UT

Ordered: The Prosciutto Burger

Rating: B

Life at my house has been crazy lately. Recently, I’ve been trying to switch jobs and in order to make the transition to the other job I had to intern part-time there while also working my current job. It has been a busy time for me. Working two jobs and slaving, SLAVING over a burger blog was taking its toll on me and needless to say my friends and family were beginning to wonder where I was because they never saw me anymore. Right when I was at my most busy my Sister Lizz texted me and said she was missing me and wanted to take me out for a burger as she had just found out about my blog (word travels very slowly in my family). We made the date, I had one free hour on Saturday, if I woke up an hour early. Sleep was a big deal at this time but I was willing to make the sacrifice, after all I missed my sister too. Saturday came aaaaaand I slept in, in fact I forgot about the lunch date until the next weekend. After grovelling, she agreed to try again the following Saturday.


Saturday came, I woke up an hour early and headed to my sister’s house and she didn’t answer. All the lights were out, we had missed each other again. Or so I thought, after 10 minutes of knocking she came to the door looking like she had just woken up, because that’s exactly what had happened. This time she forgot, so in my book I think we’re even. Anyway, we laughed about it and she put herself together and we went out to Poplar Street Pub.

We took a seat on their big patio out back and each ordered a burger, I ordered the Prosciutto Burger and the garlic fries. The fries were floppy, wet, and disappointing but the burger was pretty good. It’s a very fresh burger with a good thick patty, crispy fried onions, and a generous portion of cured pork on top. It was a pretty good burger, maybe a touch dry, but I would recommend it to anyone. But even better was the company.


Thanks sis! Sorry for standing you up, but I’m glad we were able to make it work eventually. Keep me posted for when you want to take me out again. And good news, the internship hired me full time so I quit my other job. I can live life again! For those of you working multiple jobs, I salute you. Working more than one job is something I would NOT recommend.

Author: Sam

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