The Best Burgers of 2015

The Best Burgers of 2015

I could give you my excuses as to where I have been, but instead I’ll just say: “I’m back!” Yes, I took a break that was only partly not by choice. You all know that life is crazy and don’t need me to remind you, so suffice it to say that my life has also been insane. But now that everything seems to have slowed I can finally breathe and not a moment to soon. It’s time that I give you all my highly anticipated annual ‘Best of’ list.


2015 was a good year for burgers, which is kind of surprising considering that 2014 was also a very good year. I did a lot of traveling this year but in the end I only included one burger place that was out of state simply because the burger was THAT good. But other than that one burger the other four are all Utah made. Let me know if you agree with my choices


#5 – Main Street Cafe: Located in Hurricane, Utah (pronounced Hurkin for those of you who don’t know) this little cafe cooks all their burgers on an outside grill and they’re big and juicy.

#4 – Penny’s: Why go to Stockton Utah? I really have no idea, UNLESS you want a great big homemade tasting burger. I recommend the Blue Explosion if you like lots of tangy blue cheese dressing. Big portions of real ingredients that just work. Their location isn’t. . . great, but trust me it’s worth the drive.

#3 – From Scratch: In downtown Salt Lake there is a place that makes pizzas and burgers and they make all their food, you guessed it, from scratch. Yes, that is also their name but that is because they mean it. Everything they make is from scratch and you can taste it and it tastes like pure Joy.

#2 – Hub and Spoke: Just off the beaten path of Sugar House is a great and hip restaurant that really makes great flavor combinations. Hub and Spoke takes chances and I have yet to taste one of their creations that didn’t hit the nail on the head. That aioli sauce that was on my burger. . . I could eat it like soup. And I have to mention the fries, they make my very favorite fries, EVER. Truly delicious food for those of you that like something different with great flavor combinations.

#1 – Bootleggers: In Phoenix Arizona we found a rustic BBQ joint that makes a super amazing, delicious and glorious burger. I’m not a BBQ sauce guy but I will make exception when it’s done right and Bootleggers does it right. I don’t even know how to put it in words. Simply put, I had a spiritual experience with this burger. Yes, this burger is my spirit animal. I guess it’s possible that I simply got lucky and ate this burger on the right day. Regardless, the burger changed my life and I’m now a better person for it.

Thanks for reading, please comment and let me know where I should go this year. I have high hopes for, but I know there are places that you all know about that aren’t even on my radar yet. Don’t be greedy, share your secrets with me and I promise I’ll give them a fair shot.

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